Apply for a tourist e-visa single entry for 30 days

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A4 paper based toutist e-visa, single entry for 30 days.

Valid for overland border crossing at Kordai border crossing point (Kazakhstan to Kygyzstan), Manas Int airport and Osh Int airport.

Must have OVIR registration coupon within 5 days from the date of arrival.

Proccesing time up to 14 working days. Usually it takes up to 1 week.

Required documents:

1. Copy of passport in colour (pdf or jpeg),

2. Copy of national ID in colour (pdf or jpeg),

3. Passport size photo (white backround, in colour jpeg),

4. Hotel, hostel, guest house booking confirmation,

5. Travel itinerary,

6. Employment letter,

7. Copy of all previous visas (if any).



All documents you can email to

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